Hi, I'm Haley

I'm so glad you found my shop. I figured it would be nice if we got to know each other. I love connecting with people on social platforms like Instagram where I share my new items. I LOVE Vintage! Wait can I say that again? I dearly love it. My mother started curating vintage before I was born. She started selling vintage in 1997 and for different reasons stopped selling. She was Myspace famous and sold to stars, stylists, and movie productions. She has an enormous collection with thousands of items and that’s when I stepped in. I have grown up loving being around all the amazing vintage dresses, hats, jewelry, boots and lingerie. I grew to appreciate the uniqueness, the different eras, (Mid Century is my favorite) and the quality of vintage clothes compared to clothing made today. If you are looking for something in particular please just ask me! 
I also have a love for photography, gardening, crafting and making things as well as vintage. My mother taught me photography and I do photos and videos.
Thank you again for visiting my store!
Much love and happiness,